09 July 2010

What I Do (With Tech)

* Hardware: Dell 15 Studio laptop with 3 GB DDR3 ram, 500 GB hard drive, Intel i3 processor, Windows 7
* External storage: 1 TB external hard drive, 16 GB flash drive
* Online storage: my website (behind the curtain)
* Backup: to external & CD
* Virus protection: Symantec
* Spyware: Malwarebytes
* Printer: hp c4200 all-in-one
* Phone: Pantech Duo
* Mobile media: cell phone
* Music player: Zune
* Car audio: CD player & my Zune with one of those old school tapes with a cord
* eBook Reader: Adobe Digital Editions
* Browser: Modzilla Firefox
* Blog: Blogger
* RSS: Google reader
* FTP: Filezilla
* Text editor: Word 2003, Notepad
* Graphics: Adobe Photoshop
* Screen capture: Prnt Scrn button & the Snipping Tool
* Social media: Facebook & LiveJournal
* Office suite: Microsoft Office 2003
* E-mail: Gmail
* Calendar: on cell phone & Google calendar
* PDF generator: Adobe Acrobat
* Genealogy database: RootsMagic 4
* Other tech stuff: Zotero (an online source, citation, notes, etc. collector). CanoScan LiDE 200 (travel scanner). My lovely Olympus Stylus 1010 digital camera.

06 July 2010

Greetings from Boston!

It's my first time visiting the city that I will call home for the next few years. Tomorrow I have orientation at school, Simmons College. Yesterday and today I wondered around the city. Most of the today was spend in NEHGS. I spent some time going through a county history for Scioto Co., Ohio and the probate indexes for Worcester Co., Mass. Since tomorrow they have extended hours, I plan on going back after orientation to look at the actual probate books (well, the microfilms of them). 

This is the first grave stone I've seen that uses the double date. In the Grannay Burial Ground.

The difference between the history in Los Angeles and Boston is dramatic. In LA there's a few buildings that date to the 18th century, all of which are adobe. Here in Boston, I love the old stone and brick buildings among the modern steel and glass ones. I think I took 100 pictures of just the architecture.
Trinity Church

03 July 2010

Happy 4th

 Mental Floss has a good article today. One of their writers collects photos from flea markets. He shares some of his wartime photos.