22 January 2010

January 22

Jan ^the 22 1882
Dear Sister Flora
      I take my pen in hand to let you know that we are all well and hope you are the same we got a letter from Alice last week She said that they were all well except that Grandpa was sick too or three days. Alice goes to writeing school and singing School so I think that she goes quite often I expect that Orlo will walk by the time he is a year old it seems to do him good to live in Dakota I think that I will go up there to live with you Pa thinks that we will go up to Maders [sp?] to keep a furniture store he says that we will have to live up stairs and I dont like that very mutch. Jan the 23 I guess that I will try and finiche my letter Pa, Ma, Dora, and Louisa has gon to a Temprence Lecture to-night I supose that they think that they will have to go to keep from being Intemprent. well enough of that. Pa went down to Mr Birgets and freaimed [sp?] his and Dories pictures and the Mottoes to day they look real nice, he has got the fed room don and has conimenced the kitchen it has bin snoweng some today so he could not work out of-dors. Ma has got about half enough rags sowed for a carpet Eugene and Earle is sowing now they have each a lases [sp?] ball sowed Ma thinks that she will have enough for a carpet by spring Old Mrs Callah was down here to dinner last saterday wee had quite a visit she says that she is going to write to you now she has got some new glasses. Well tell Brittic that he will have to commence to save lots of beef for I am comming up there in the fall. Leona and I am going on the cars. will. I must stop for I have to baste Dories dress to stich she has too to make. I made Leona too dresses Elmy one Julia one Louisa and myself an apron a pese last week dont you think I done pritty well. I guess that I will have to say good by give my love to all-and keep a share for youer self kiss Orlo for me
from your ever loveing sister
Nina E Rutter

PS excuse my poor wrighting and bad spelling
    Nina E. Rutter, (prob. Lyon Co., Iowa) to "Dear Sister Flora" [Flora (Rutter) Dixon], letter, 22 January 1882; photocopy privately held by Jennifer Shaw. [address for private use], Canyon Country, Calif, 2005. Photocopy from Renee (Rutter) Rossa, who received a copy from Patricia (McLean) Clark.


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