04 October 2009

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Wow, it's been almost a year since I posted anything. This past summer I did a cross-county road trip, which included stops in Minnesota and Iowa to do research on my Rutter and Linner families. I found a LOT of information, from newspaper articles, land records, vital records, and more. While in Stillwater, Minnesota we attended a Linner family reunion (my first). I got home just in time to attend Jamboree, which was great. In July I switched my database from RootsMagic3 to RootsMagic4. This has consumed me! Sounds simple, huh? NO. I am literally going through every since person (I have close to 4,000 names in my database) and making sure everything is sourced. Then I am making sure the sources are cited properly. My database keeps growing as I do this. My general rule is to research through grandchildren of my direct ancestor. Some of my early research is information pulled off of trees posted online without any sources. As I am sourcing everything, I am finding more people. My sister also tackled the elusive Putnam family. She found a sourced family tree online, and now she gets to confirm all of it. Hehehe, I'm sort of throwing her in the deep end with verbal instructions on how to swim. Once I get my database updates done, I will re-do this site. It will be updated to include everyone in my database and I will be taking down all of the citations and notes. Sorry, but I am at the point where I have put my blood, sweat and tears and untold amounts of money into this research and I want to know who is using it. On a side note, I am looking in to becoming a Certified Genealogist.


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