12 November 2009


This is my first post as a blogger. I've sort of posted things on my website, www.shawgenealogy.org, in the past, but nothing regular.

So, about me... I am a high school history teacher, currently looking for work in that field. I consider myself first and foremost a historian. Since genealogy is a branch of history, the jump was natural. I'm looking into get my professional certification.

Currently I am still working on switching from RootsMagic3 to RootsMagic4. Sounds easy? I wish. Essentially I am going through person-by-person and making sure my sources are cited properly and that I don't have any information not sourced. When I first started my researched I created the classic mistake of name collecting from various family trees online without double checking the information or sourcing the trees. I know, I know... I feel the shame. I cannot move forward with my research until I truly know what I, in fact, do know.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with RootsMagic in any way. I simply own and use the program.


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