01 September 2010


I was playing around on Ancestry.com today in the database "U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992" and found the card for my great-great(-great)-grandmother Leonarda "Eleanor" (Bugica) Spedale. She was naturalized at the age of 92.
Everyone called her Nana. My mom has a few pictures with her. She was a tiny woman (my mom at age 5 was taller). On the card her birth year is listed as 1864, but other records list it as 1863. She immigrated to American from Sicily in 1910 along with her youngest children and her eldest daughter, Irene "Rose" Geraci, and her family. They were met by her husband, son, Luciano, and son-in-law Cologero "Charles" Geraci. Imagine the stories she could tell!


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