31 December 2009

New Years GeneaResolutions 2010

My 2010 New Years GeneaResolutions:
  • Order one record a month. I have a backlog of modern bdm certificates I want, but have a limited budget. Mostly this is for actually remembering to place the order
  • Finish updating my database. This involves going through person-by-person and making sure I have all of my information sourced and that my sources are cited. I'm not even half-way finished yet, so there's lots of work still to be done.
  • Update/rebuild my website. The family pages need updating. I'm also planning on redesigning the entire site. Can't complete this until my database update is done
  • Get my professional certification through the Board of Certified Genealogist (my goal is to have my portfolio done by April).
  • Apply, get accepted to, and go to graduate school. I'm looking at schools with a dual History/Archives program.
Carnival of Genealogy, 87th ed. - New Years Resolutions


    J.M. said...

    Nice list of goals. I wish you luck with them.

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