13 April 2010

COG 93: The Genealogical Proof Standard

The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) is a five-step process to creating and maintain a professional level genealogy by the Board for Certification of Genealogist (BCG).The GPS is not just for professional genealogist! Rather, everyone should be following its' steps to create a quality genealogy.

Genealogical Proof Standard:
  • A reasonably exhaustive search;
  • complete and accurate source citations;
  • analysis and correlation of the collected information;
  • resolution of any conflicting evidence; and
  • a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.
The GPS is explained more on the BGS's website.

I wrote a series of posts as I prepared a lecture on the GPS. Each post looks at a step, breaking it down, explaining what it means and how to follow it. 

Links to the articles: into, step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5, and an example


J.M. said...

I read this posts with great interest. They were really good and very clear.

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