13 April 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - A Sad Story

I was visiting a friend this weekend in Lemoore, California. She has a cemetery a few blocks from her apartment, so of course we visited it. Lemoore Cemetery is very well kept. One particular stone caught our attention.

We wanted to know what happened to this family, so we went to the Hanford Library, which has the local newspapers on microfilm.

A sad story that makes you hold dear your loved ones.

    Lemoore Cemetery (1441 N. Lemoore Ave., Lemoore, Calif.), grave marker, Camara, photographed by author, 9 April 2010.
    Ruth Gomes, "Four Killed in Collision," The Hanford (California)Sentinel, 26 July 1966, p. 1.
    "Funeral: Paula Camara, Joseph Camara, Jefferey Camara, James Camara," The Hanford (California) Sentinel, 28 July 1966.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Wow, how incredibly sad.

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